Sir Alfonse DiGirallo

Alfonse is a knight in the service of the Mercian king. He serves as the head scout of the kings woodsmen. He is also a heavy drinker.


A blonde man of medium build and a muscular body forged by the kings military. He wears woodland cloaks over his gray and blue tunic. Riding boots and brown pants round out his outfit. He is typically armed with short and long swords and carries a longbow on his horse. A dagger protrudes from his boot and he is proficient in throwing many weapons from his time in various bars.


Sir Alfonse DiGirallo is the quintessential spoiled rich kid. He was forced into the military by a family tradition that stopped being appreciated by the family generations ago. He drinks heavily and as a result, he has failed to rise very high through the ranks of the military no matter how much money his family wields. He commands a degree of pomposity that can only come from a rich kid who doubles as a schoolyard bully. He thinks of himself as above the law and relies on his family’s money to bail him out of most trouble he gets into. He uses his status as nobility to compensate for his lack of character and leadership skills. He has difficulty following orders when it causes him to loose face.

Despite his shortcomings, Alfonse is an expert soldier. He has mastered many infantry weapons and is an expert marksman when wielding his longbow. Horsemanship was taught to him from an early age on his family’s estate and hunting trips on the family reserve have taught him some basic woodland skills.

Alfonse has an extremely abrasive personality but he still attracts a certain type of follower. He mainly attracts violent and greedy men. He uses the promise of reward and physical intimidation to keep his men in line. His men appreciate the lifestyle Alfonse provides for them and are fiercly loyal as long as Alfonse keeps them comfortable. His men are not above breaking the law for him.

Sir Alfonse DiGirallo

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